The New Jersey State Fire Chiefs Parade Judges Association is a non-profit organization. Our judges volunteer their time, experience and service to provide .


The association provides the materials needed to perform the judging. After completion of judging, a written document stating judges determinations for each category will be provided to host company representative. (Please allow approximately an hour for all determinations.)

All completed forms and score sheets are kept on file for one year by the Chief Judge.

Host Company Check List

To provide a successful event, it is essential for the host company to provide the following:

  • Private place for the judges to meet before and after the parade.

  • Refreshments:

    • Coffee and donuts at judges morning arrival

    • Lunch and/or dinner at the agreed time.

  • Mugs or t-shirts:

    • Enough mugs and/or t-shirts for judges to commemorate event.

  • Pre-judging Area:​

    • All registered Fire Companies must be informed of their assigned judging time.

      • Apparatus in competition should be the only equipment permitted in the judging area.

      • Registration should be closed a minimum of 1 hour prior to the start of your parade.

    • Adequate judging lanes for expected number of apparatus

    • Ampule traffic cones to mark judging lanes

    • Signs directing apparatus to the proper lane.

    • Personnel to register apparatus for judging

      • ​Ensure place cards visibility in windshield of each apparatus for judging​

    • Multiple personnel to direct apparatus in and out of the judging area

    • Parade committee representative assigned to Judges to answer any questions; resolve any issues

    • Restroom facilities for judges and participants

    • Mild refreshments available for the judges

  • Parade route judging:

    • Designated and roped off judging area

    • Transportation to and from judging area​

  • 30 days prior to event contact the Chief Judge with the following information:

    • A breakdown of apparatus expected/registered to attend with corresponding categories of competition.

    • Notification of any changes made to trophy/prize list.

    • A list of YOUR rules and regulations for the parade.

      • Once established, the rules should not be changed, except in case of emergency. Parade judges must enforce all rules.

    • The Chief Judge will indicate

      • number of judges expect to be available

      • Number of pre-judging lanes needed

      • Indicate arrival time for apparatus registration and pre-judging.

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