Obligations of a New Member
  • Attend annual meetings (March and November)​

  • Available Weekends and to Judge at least 50% of events of the year.

  • No annual does

  • Abide by association by-laws at ALL times

  • Required Uniform:

    • White short sleeve uniform shirt - Your responsibility

    • First association patch provided for left sleeve.

    • Right sleeve can have State of New Jersey EMT patch or American flag provided by the association.

    • Judges badge - purchased from association presently about $45.00

    • Association hat provided

    • Black pants - your responsibility

    • Black belt - your responsibility

    • Black shoes and socks - your responsibility

    • Standard name tag, over right pocket- your responsibility

    • Association jacket - Presently cost is split 50/50. About $65.00 each​

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